Consultation before LLG Elections

Minister for Provincial Affairs and Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu, said the Government will seek the views of all Governors before approving the method of election for the Local Level Government Elections.

Isifu said this when asked by Enga Governor, Peter Ipatas, in Parliament on Wednesday.

Ipatas said there is still confusion as to what method of election will be used for the LLG election and whether the Council Presidents are voted in by the people or the council members.

Governor Ipatas told Minister Isifu there was still confusion surrounding the LLG election method and wanted clarification given that the LLG elections were months away.

He said while the Prime Minister announced that council members would elect the Presidents, the legislative changes were not made.

Minister Isifu said they have deliberated on this issue and the Government has approved to do away with direct election by the people.

Maprik MP, John Simmon, raised a point of order saying this was contradictory to what the Prime Minister said and that each Province were to decide their own election method.

Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, also said the Governor General was the only authority to announce the method to be used for the LLG election following advice from the Electoral Commissioner, based on NEC approvals.

The Minister said he had not completed and wanted to clarify what they are doing now was to gauge the views of all Governors so that they can come with the best method for all.

The Minister said once they finalise the consultation an announcement will be made on the election method for the LLG elections.

Cedric Patjole