Constabulary suspends recruitment

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is suspending all recruitments for 2017.

This is due to the increasing number of public complaints accusing the Constabulary of nepotism and bias.

The RPNGC will be reviewing all of its existing recruitment systems, criteria, protocols and procedures.

Assistant Commissioner for Police (ACP) operations, Raphael Huafolo, says this measure is being taken to protect the integrity of the Constabulary and to give confidence to all stakeholders, including aspiring applicants who have a desire to pursue a career with the RPNGC.

“Applicants who were selected to undergo further interview and specific recruitment formalities, which include trainings, will also be affected by this decision; their application will remain pending until further notice,” explains Huafolo.

Huafolo says the suspension of the Constabulary’s recruitment service will remain effective until a proper audit is undertaken and the claimed allegations are verified and corrected.

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Annette Kora