Confrontation between teachers, guards

A fight broke out today at Fincorp Haus between frustrated teachers and security guards.

Over 200 teachers and concerned family members turned up to enquire after outstanding payments and other issues but instead, an altercation ensued.

Kevin Nero was involved in this morning’s scuffle near the National Library.

Three different issues had prompted his visit to Fincorp Haus. His younger brother has been teaching without any form of payment for four years now, whilst his sister, who is teaching in a remote primary school located between Wewak and Aitape, is yet to have her primary account sorted out.

Nero’s daughter is also having the same issue.

He was at Fincorp Haus to follow up on documents he had submitted over two weeks ago when like the other teachers this morning, he was barred from entering the building.

A security guard, instead of advising the frustrated group of the building’s program or protocol, allegedly started swearing at them.

“Imagine, a security guard was swearing at all the teachers, teachers with diplomas, some with degrees and here he was, just standing and swearing at them,” Nero stated.

“So I went and told him, ‘Listen mate, this is not right’. For stepping up, I had a commotion with the security.”

Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra then came out to address the group. During that time, Nero took pictures of the gathering, which prompted the guards to follow him out of the premises, allegedly demanding to see his phone. 

A fight broke out right in front of the road leading to the court house, where Nero’s phone and glasses were damaged while some male teachers jumped in to help him.

A mobile squad unit soon arrived and dispersed the crowd, where three guards were allegedly apprehended along with a female Fincorp Haus staff, who had mockingly lifted her skirt in front of all the teachers.

A staff from Fincorp confirmed the incident and clarified that Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for client services, hence the refusal to enter by security guards.

However, by next week, client services will be open for five days since school holidays will have started.

(A crowd gathering at Fincorp Haus today – Picture: Kevin Nero)

Carmella Gware