Conflict in EC legal representation continues

One month after cases went for direction in election petition cases, there is still a conflict in the representation for lawyers for the Electoral Commission.

Amongst those petitions that went for directions was that of the North Waghi seat.

Petitioner Mond Palme is alleging grounds of errors and omissions, irregularities and bribery against Dr. Fabian Pok.

Dr Pok’s lawyers have also filed an objection on the competency of the petition, which will be heard next week.

Due to the conflict, the court refused to hear lawyers representing the Electoral Commission until that is sorted out.

Meanwhile, the Hela provincial seat also has an election dispute over it.

Petitioner Dr Hamiya Hewali filed the case disputing the election of Governor Philip Undialu.

He is alleging errors and omissions by the Electoral Commission during polling and counting and undue influence.

He intends to have witnesses from the Koroba-Lake Kopiago area, which will require a month to collect their statements due to the remoteness of the villages.

An objection on the competency of the petition has been filed by Governor Undialu on Sept 26. That motion will be heard in court at a later date.

Both petitions return next month to court.







Sally Pokiton