Concerns over repentance day participation

Concerns are being raised by churches over the lack of political leaders’ support to the National Prayer Day.

Since 2011, August 26 has been gazetted a National Day for Prayer however, over the years, the day has been seen as another ordinary public holiday, says Body of Christ chairman, Rev. Joseph Walters.

The lack of coordination with churches by the Events Council and Political Leaders to support activities on the gazetted National Repentance Day has become a concern for church leaders, in particular those that make up the Body of Christ in PNG.

“When it comes to Repentance Day, you hardly see our leaders getting involved,” said Rev Walters.

“It should not be a holiday, it should be a day of repentance. One concern that we have is that the government and organisers here in NCDC are giving a lot of prominence to some of the other public holidays and events like Independence, which is coming up, and there is a lot of money involved, led by our leaders themselves.”

He said while they say it is a Christian duty to pray and repent, they would like to see more support from national leaders.

“The national events council are not participating at all, for whatever reasons known only to them, since it’s a national public holiday organised by the government, it would be wonderful to see the leaders taking part and showing to the nation they observe this day.”

The group is also calling on other nationals living in the country and conducting business to respect the day.

(Body of Christ chairman, Rev. Joseph Walters)

Sally Pokiton