Concern over contraband in refugee centre

The Provincial Police Commander of Manus, Chief Inspector David Yapu, is concerned over refugees getting drunk and smuggling contrabands into the refugee centres on Manus Island.

Chief Inspector Yapu said this after two refugees got drunk and tried to smuggle a carton of beer into the centre.

The Paladin security guards on duty discovered the alcohol on them when they checked them at the gate of the refugee centre and refused them entry, where the refugees argued with the security guards. The security guards eventually removed the beer and allowed them entry into the centre.

Police were called and assisted in calming down the situation.

PPC Yapu is concerned over the incident saying that these two refugees were earlier arrested by police over a drink and driving incident which resulted in the death of young women in June 2018. They are currently out on court bail and are causing another incident again.

This latest incident occurred on Wednesday, July 18th, at about 8.30pm at the East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre at ward 2, Lorengau town.

The refugees were arrested and charged for drunk and disorderly conduct and locked up in the police cell.

PPC Yapu said this is the second attempt by the refugees to smuggle alcohol into their living quarters, which is not permitted. The first incident was at the 70 man camp at Hill Side Ward 1 where a refugee smuggled beer into the centre, got drunk and attempted to set fire to the building.

“These refugees must respect our PNG laws and the centre rules, especially with regards to smuggling beer, drugs, homebrew and other illegal items into the centre.”

Press release