Concern for family sexual violence support

There is concern on the level of support victims of family sexual violence and gender-based violence have been getting and should be getting.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations, Jim Andrews, revealed there is a huge disparity between cases reported and convictions made.

Andrews says most cases do not run their full course because the victims withdraw them, adding that in most cases, the offender is often the main provider so the victim has no choice.

The DCP says there is a real need to give them that option that whatever level of support they are getting from the offender, this should be continued by the State through the trial and beyond.

Andrews states that victims, especially of FSV, should not be placed in a situation where they compromise their safety and well-being simply because the offender is the bread-winner.

Meantime, Andrews suggested one way to get case work run their full course to mimic how, in some countries, anyone who drops a case can be charged for making false accusations.

Andrews says by taking this approach in the form of monetary fines, this can ensure that FSV and GBV cases run their full course.

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Julianna Waeda