Competition for I.T and Math experience

The IBS College of TVET launched its Interschool Math and IT Competition today in Port Moresby were more than 200 grades 10 and 12 attended.

The competition aims to provide a challenging, engaging mathematical and IT experience that is both competitive and educational.

It will not only prove to be a thrilling event to have students learn to be quick thinkers but also showcase Math and IT talent to the rest of Papua New Guinea.

The competition has set goals including;

•             To "stimulate interest and a love for mathematics and computers and computer systems

•             Introduce important concepts in both fields

•             Teach major strategies for problem solving

•             Develop flexibility in solving problems, strengthen intuition, foster creativity and ingenuity

•             Provide satisfaction, joy, and the thrill of meeting challenges" for our young Papua New Guineans

Moreover the competition is said to provide an avenue and opportunity for secondary school students to showcase their intellectual talents.

Grade 12 Math competition round 2 and 3 will be staged on 17th & 24th August followed by Grand Final round while Grade 12 IT Competition Grand Final will be on Friday 31st August 2018.

Corporate houses, especially those in the field of IT and education, are highly encouraged to support this Math and IT competition by way of sponsoring prizes for its participants in order to build and retain the students’ valued interest as this is planned to be an annual event.


Carolyn Ure