Committee to respond to Madang petition

The Madang Provincial Administration has set up a committee to respond to the petition presented to Governor Peter Yama on Tuesday by the people of Madang.

Acting provincial administrator, John Bivi, said the administration could not respond to the petition in 48 hours as demanded as they will need more time to look into all the demands.

Bivi claimed most of the demands in the petition were politicised and lacked substance.

He said once the committee completes a draft to respond to the petition, they will give it to Governor Peter Yama for his input.

Bivi also said most leaders involved, or who were allegedly seen amongst the crowds during the stand-off, must also be present to answer to some of the demands.

These leaders are expected to work with the Governor and his administration.

Meantime, Bivi stated the committee will respond to the petition within three days.

The people had demanded for the eviction of settlers, removal of the Provincial Police Commander and the compensation of the four youth that had died during the stand-off recently, amongst others.

(Acting provincial administrator, John Bivi)

Freddy Mou