Commission will tackle teachers’ issues: Sori

The Teaching Service Commission will ensure that current major issues and concerns faced by teachers are eradicated effectively and efficiently.

This was the promise from TSC chairman Baran Sori in his 2017 back to school message to teachers.

“The Commission does not have money in the 2017 Budget Appropriation to address these issues, but lack of budget support will not prevent the Commission from carrying its legislative roles and responsibilities to ensure members of the Teaching Service continue to provide education to the children of PNG,” stated Sori.

“Regarding your salaries and allowances, I can assure you that you will continue to receive your salaries and service allowance with 3 percent pay rise for 2017 to 2019, approved by the Government.

“This is a very generous increase the O’Neill/Dion government has approved, given the financial difficulties the country is facing.

“The Commission, on behalf of the 57,000 teachers and PNGTA, express our sincere appreciation to the Government.”

Sori also reminded teachers that the economic situation affecting the country in 2016 will continue into 2017.

“This will affect service delivery to the teachers; affecting education for children.”

Meanwhile, the TSC chairman said the deployment and placement of teachers on the payroll is taking too long to process.

“Suffering teachers have to leave their teaching duties to come to Waigani to attend to such matters. Administration of leave fares by some provincial authorities is another issue since leave fare monies are remitted directly to the Provincial Treasury money basket. 

“Sometime, funds are not put aside to process leave fares on time for teachers to travel home.”

However, he has given the assurance that the Commission will work with the provincial and national education authorities to address the issue.

Press release