Commanders have compromised their rank: Police boss

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is experiencing disciplinary problems.

This is because commanders at the highest and lowest levels have compromised their rank and authority.

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, says as police officers, it is their duty and responsibility to demonstrate to the government, and the people, that they can serve and protect without compromising their integrity.

“I have introduced the year of discipline in 2017 and I expect all members of the Constabulary, including the new recruits that passed out last Friday, to uphold these values.”

Baki said he is expecting all police personnel to strictly enforce these values as the aim is to eradicate the rot and regain the confidence and trust of the people.

“The challenge is now for everyone to work together as partners to serve the best interest of our people.” Baki has given the assurance that RPNGC management will be monitoring the performance of the new recruits very closely, and will continue to provide them the necessary assistance and support to help tackle the challenges that lie ahead. 

Annette Kora