Commander apologises for Erima disturbance

The acting division commander of NCD and Central Province has apologised for the incident that happened yesterday evening and this morning at Erima.

Disgruntled relatives of two deceased men came out and blocked off the Erima road following the confrontation between police and settlers on September 28th.

“Last night a couple of innocent travelling public had their vehicles damaged by missiles; one vehicle overturned when the driver tried to do a U-turn when seeing the melee ahead,” said chief superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

“This brought so much fear to the travelling public.

“The situation has been contained now with Police presence.

“A couple of Police also received injuries and also a couple of Police vehicles damaged. A young Constable was hit in the head with a brick,” continued the acting division commander.

“Gordon's Police vehicle has been extensively damaged and almost burnt. This will affect the community from Gordon’s, Nine-Mile and Bomana.

“Investigation has commenced. I want to see that it is a full investigation starting from what happened when Police went into Erima initially to the shooting.

“I am calling on individuals who were not even at the area at the time when the first incident happened to not come up with speculation on social media. We need to allow investigation to be run independently without any undue influence.

“I call on the community at Erima to allow normalcy to be brought back. Let us respect each other.

“Police in NCD is faced with a lot of challenges with the high number of unemployed people flooding in from other provinces. This needs to be controlled.”

(Chief superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr)

Press release