CLRC Launches GEDSI Policy

The PNG Constitutional Law & Reform Commission (CLRC) recently launched its Gender Equity, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) policy.

The policy, designed to develop and maintain a positive, respectful work culture that ensures equity and diversity for all employees and is free from discrimination, takes it cue from existing policies and legislation such as the; Papua New Guinea Constitution, National Goals and Directive Principals and Vision 2050 among others.

All CLRC staff, management, trainees and partners will use this policy.

With the launch of this policy, the CLRC has committed to respecting and promoting the human rights of all people; including and representing in their work, people who are vulnerable; and, embedding these commitments in their work through an intersectional approach.

CLRC Secretary, Dr Mange Matui on the policy states that, “Promoting gender equality and diversity is key for such institution to stay intact and deliver on its key outcomes. That is to say that an organization’s culture must define the proper way to behave within the organization.

“Having this policy in place will enhance the understanding of GEDSI concept and what it entails, particularly when it comes to implementing the ideals of the policy,” Dr Matui added.

CLRC Chairman Saki Soloma remarked that, “the GEDSI policy is expected to contribute to the national government’s efforts towards achieving the Visions 2050 and Sustainable Development Goals and promote gender equality as a fundamental human right.”

Soloma further stated, “It is my wish that this policy will enhance the understanding and significantly shape the attitudes and behaviors of the staff of the commission in line with intentions of the policy. This can further trickle down to the family units and the communities which we live in.”

Soloma also expressed appreciation to Dr Matui and the CLRC management and staff for championing the cause of GEDSI and effectively driving it, not only at the institutional level, but in the Law and Justice Sector as a whole. 

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