Climate Change Authority to sign MOU for resilience program

The Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the implementation of Papua New Guinea’s Strategic Program for Climate Resilience.

The event will take place on Thursday, January 26 in Port Moresby.

PNG’s Strategic Program for Climate Resilience is aimed at achieving transformation change in addressing the current and future threats from climate change and related disasters.

The PNG Government had obtained an Asian Development Bank grant of US$24.25 for the building resilience to climate change (BRCC) project.

The project’s aims is to bring about change by mainstreaming climate resilience into development plans that address country priorities, focusing on vulnerable communities.

The BRCC intends to link National, Provincial, District, and Ward level plans and demonstrate how these can be aligned to adapt to climate change.

The BRCC program looks at preparing climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation plans, sustainable fishery ecosystems and food security and climate-resilient coastal infrastructure and early warning communications.

The program will be implemented over six years piloted in 21 vulnerable island communities in Bougainville, East New Britain, Manus, Milne Bay and Morobe.

CCDA acting managing director Ruel Yamuna said earlier that it is intended that lessons from the BRCC will help PNG to directly access and administer international climate funding.

Yamuna said ensuring that PNG is in a position to directly access to climate resources is a matter that the CCDA has prioritised.

The signing will be between CCDA, the Autonomous of Bougainville government, East New Britain provincial administration and the Projects implementing partners.

The three implementing agencies are Coastal Fisheries Development Agency (CFDA), PNG Ports Cooperation Limited and the National Research Institute (NRI).

The signing will also see two of the three implementing agencies; CFDA and PNG Ports Cooperation sign their MOUs with CCDA, while NRI will sign at a later date once  is has  been agreed to its input.

Quintina Naime