Clerk receives 105 writs

One hundred and five (105) writs out of 118 were brought to Parliament for to effect the swearing in of the MPs elect.

Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika who administered the swearing in of the MPs, urged the MPs to use their mandate responsibly and serve the people of Papua New Guinea.

"The declaration that you're about to make and sign is a solemn promise to the people of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

"But it's not only to the people of PNG, but to the entire world at large and to God Almighty.

"God Almighty is our unseen visitor in our midst in this house.

"The Constitution says all making power of the people of Papua New Guinea is now going to be vested in you all.

"That power is a great power but that power first belongs to God and it is now given to you through our people through the elections to be exercising that law making power in this House.

"Exercise those powers with proper care and responsibility.

"Your Declarations are your solemn promise to the people of PNG and to God,” said the Chief Justice.

The MPs are currently signing their Declaration to the office before the Chief Justice. The election of the Speaker will follow.

More to come....

Freddy Mou