Clean Water for Murr

Murr village, nestled along the picturesque Oriomo Binaturi River, is celebrating a significant improvement in its quality of life, thanks to rainwater harvesting structures provided by Australia's Western Province Partnership.

These structures have ushered in a new era of safe and clean water access for the local community and their school.

Prior to Australia's support, the 300 residents of Murr village endured the arduous daily task of trekking several kilometres inland to fetch water for their basic needs. This hardship has now become a thing of the past, thanks to the two complete water structures installed in the village.

These structures, comprising a total of eight tanks, include one in the main village and another dedicated to supplying water to the local school.

Murr village chairman Sam Steven expressed his gratitude saying, "Accessing clean and safe water is a fundamental need for any community, especially for women, children, and the most vulnerable members of our community. This water infrastructure provides easy access and lessens the time and effort to get to our current water sources and back with our water containers."

The impact of this project extends beyond the community's daily needs. Samantra Peter, a grade 8 student at the Murr school, highlighted the positive influence on education and outdoor activities.

She stated, "Having access to clean and safe drinking water at my school is great, as now my friends have more time to learn in the classroom and do outdoor activities without worrying about going far to drink water."

The Murr community's improved access to clean water stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between Papua New Guinea and Australia, demonstrating the positive outcomes of the #PNGAusPartnership.

Loop Author