Citizens to have direct access to new Police Minister

The new Police Minister intends to run a social media program where the public can easily and directly get in touch with him.

Newly sworn-in Minister, Bryan Kramer, outlined that this initiative would ensure he plays a major role in keeping the citizens of PNG safe.

Complaints regarding the police force can be raised with Minister Kramer, and if justified, he will bring them directly to the police commissioner.

“And if they confirm that the complaints are justified, then we will take appropriate actions according to the law,” stated Kramer.

“My immediate concern is that Papua New Guineans feel safe. Moms and dads can go home, catch the bus, go to the store, send their kids to school, send their kids to the store and know that they’ll come back safe.

“Locking up corrupt politicians and corrupt foreigners are secondary issue.”

Kramer further clarified that as Minister, he does not have the powers to arrest nor direct any member of the force to do anything.

“The function of the Police Minister is policy,” he stated.

Bearing that in mind, he will be looking at addressing the administrative issues of the force, including the ageing workforce, resources, capacity building and of course, discipline.

“We don’t have the powers to discipline, but in terms of who that commissioner is, we guide him and provide some degree of advice to him to uphold the rule of law.

“Everyone will be subject to the rule of law.”

Carmella Gware