Christians Urged To Be Obedient

The PNG Council of Churches is urging Christians to be vaccinated against the COVID-19.

The Council comprises of the Catholic, Lutheran, United Church, Baptist and the Salvation Army. Each is standing by to support health experts during awareness drives.

General Secretary of the PNG Council of Churches, Reverend Roger Joseph and United Church Moderator Reverend Bernard Siai made these remarks when announcing their support for the vaccination roll out in the Nation’s Capital.

Reverend Joseph urged Christians to obey our leaders and to take the vaccine as a sign of love for a neighbor.

“We will play our part in giving all the biblical information on obedience, love, and how love can be practical,” added Reverend Joseph.

United Church Moderator Bernard Siai called on pastors to encourage their respective congregation members to take the vaccine.

“Vaccination is the way to go. I know we are praying, yes, God hears our prayers but this is another way of getting ourselves out from spreading the virus,” stated Reverend Siai.

The Church leaders have also dispelled misinformation that the COVID-19 pandemic is linked to 666, the mark of the beast as described in the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

Deputy Pandemic Controller Dr Esorom Daoni said the right information needs to reach people, adding that vaccines will save lives.

“All of us belong to a church and all of us have families that belong to churches and it is only right that we give them the basic facts to protect themselves.”

Jemimah Sukbat