China partnership with WPU

Western Pacific University started in 2021 with a cohort of 49 students. Numbers have increased to just below 200 this year.

While it is a government institution requiring government funding support, it has sourced funding partnership from the Chinese government to build much needed basic infrastructure to make it viable for the core function to proceed, that is teaching and learning.

“The government of China has also provided, has built for us six staff houses, three bedroom, our staff houses, one lecture block and three male dormitories which were opened early, which were handed over to Western Pacific University in January this year and received by the Minister for Higher Education, Don Polye.

“Apart from that we also have support from the Australian government through the Australia Awards Higher Education partnership programs. So we have a program that we are part of and we are benefiting from in building the capacity of staff,” said Dr. Janet Rangou, President of WPU.

She added there were a cohort of their staff who were in Port Moresby to do a workshop with their partner university in Australia, the University of Sunshine Coast. That support from the Australian government is coming one as well for the better.

Hoping to gauge more support from other partners apart from the government which had given some funds to start the basic infrastructure, an amount President Rangou was not able to recall.

She said their dream a vision is to be a university in the region that is Western Pacific region to compliment what’s already there.

The WPU has a strength of 20 staff and anticipate to have more in the future.  In regards to the duration of a course study, it starts with a one-year foundation year for a year with eight (8) units and the bachelor program for three years.

President Rangou said the programs are internationally accredited as well as nationally through the office of higher education under Department of Higher Education Research Science Technology (DHERST).

Total tuition is at the moment K12,000 per annum for residential students, subsidized for those on government scholarship.

In 2023 students who were eligible through their GPA had been given government scholarships, selected on merit through the normal school leavers online selection.

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