China man to be deported

A Chinese Businessman who operates a nightclub and pokies business in Wewak who was arrested and charged by police in 2021 and was convicted is now under the supervision of responsible authorities to be repatriated back to China.

According to East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Superientenat Christopher Tamari the Chinese Businessman namely Tuan Chen who owns the King's Club near the Old Airstrip near Nuiguo was arrested and charged with having in his possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Tamari said on December 11, 2021, he was arrested and charged under Section 27 (1) (a) of the Firearms Act, Chapter 310. He further added that on December 16, 2022, Chen appeared at the Wewak District court and was convicted by the court.

"He was convicted and was ordered to pay a fine of K10, 000:00 which he did. paid the fine. I have also received reports of him committing other offenses for which he was not investigated and prosecuted until I took to post here, PPC Tamari said.

PPC Tamari also added that the man was also a person of interest in the province and he was reported to the office of Immigration because he had breached his work permit and visa conditions by doing things he was not supposed to do.

Tamari further added that on Monday, January 2023,  Chen was picked up by an Immigration Investigation Team and a team of police officers from Port Moresby and was locked up at the Wewak police station because he had breached some immigration laws.

PPC Tamari also added that he was transferred from Wewak police station to Port Moresby by the immigration investigation team this morning (Wednesday, January 25). he said before he was transferred this morning two of his licensed pistols were removed from him, and were locked up in the armory pending an investigation into the usage of these guns.

"I want to want the people doing business in East Sepik both the locals and the foreigners that I won't be easy with you if you want to do things against the law. We had been lineal with you that is why law and order had been a major problem in the province. The police officers who had been sleeping will now work to make sure we keep the province back where the people can feel the police presence and access the police service in the province. I want to thank the team to had been investigating the case that lead to the successful conviction and deportation of Chen. This will now bring a message to the others that if they want to play with the law, the law will play with them too," Tamari added.

He said more of such cases that are still pending will be properly investigated and suspects involved will be arrested and charged.

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