China confident in PNG

Chinese ambassador to PNG, Xue Bing, has expressed confidence in PNG’s ability to host the APEC meet this year.

China has been assisting PNG in most of its infrastructure projects, overseeing renovations and constructions and upgrades.

Hence, while other countries were worried, Ambassador Xue said the Chinese president, Xi Jingping, on the other hand, has remained confident in PNG.

The President of the People’s Republic of China had confirmed his attendance to PNG’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill back in 2016, when they met in China. 

“That shows our confidence and support in PNG government. China believes that PNG can equally host the APEC meet,” said Ambassador Xue.

Furthermore, he said China will continue its assistance to PNG.

“We’ll do everything we could within our capacity to help in order for the PNG Government to host APEC in style.

“When we work together, we will achieve more positive results, which is beneficial to both,” he said

(APEC Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, with APEC senior officials)

Gloria Bauai