Chimbu Governor given heroic welcome

Chimbu Governor Michael Bogai Dua received a heroic welcome reception from the people of Eastern Highlands and Chimbu when he touched down at Goroka Airport recently.

Celebrations from Goroka through to Chimbu over the long weekend followed Dua’s second declaration by the Waigani National Court as the duly elected governor for Chimbu, after a judicial recount was ordered from a successful election petition filed by former Governor Noah Kool.

Following a judicial recount on Friday May 24, 2019, the National court declared Michael Dua as the Governor for Chimbu.

He was given a heroic welcome by the people of Eastern Highlands and Simbu when he touched down at Goroka airport last Friday.

Governor Dua said he did not expect that from the people of the two provinces.

“I can say on record that my election as governor was very transparent and that was proven again through the competent court and the judicial recount.

“The results of the judicial recount and the initial 2017 election results remains merely the same with a difference of more than 11,000 plus votes.

“The enjoyment and celebrations from the people of Chimbu and Eastern Highlands as a result of our second victory proves that I am the people’s choice and their duly mandated leader,” Governor Dua said.

Eastern Highlanders convoyed in a large number of vehicles, to bring Governor Dua from Goroka to Chimbu Province on Friday 7th June.

A large crowd in Kundiawa Town received Governor Dua at about 3pm.

He then addressed the crowd who came from all over the province for the occasion.

“In life, you reap what you sow and that’s what happens for my election.

“We have wasted more than two years in Court we should be planning and delivering services to our people.

“But now that I am cleared, we will try our best to clean up the provincial government and at least deliver basic services for the remaining two years before the national election in 2022,” Dua said.

Governor Dua, who spent more than 22 years serving Chimbu Province as a public servant, commended and also apologized to the people of both provinces for the inconveniences caused as a result of the judicial recount. 

Freddy Mou