Chief Justice calls for domestic peace laws

Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea, Sir Gibbs Salika, has called on Pacific Island countries to have laws that promote peace.

Speaking at the 2019 Pacific Leaders Summit for Peace in Sydney, Australia, the Chief Justice said this will ensure that the push for an international law to promote peace works.

The Chief Justice was among several Pacific Island leaders who attended the Summit, as part of the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light (HWPL) 30th World Peace Tour.

The 2019 Pacific Leaders Summit for Peace was held at the New South Wales Parliament House in Sydney.

Sir Gibbs and Deputy Speaker, Jeffrey Komal, were among several Pacific Island leaders to attend the inaugural event.

During the summit, the Pacific Island leaders declared their support to the HWPL for the promotion of peace and to support the international legislation to be brought to the UN by the HWPL, called the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War’ (DPCW).

Sir Gibbs said for Pacific Islands to push for an international law on peace, there must be laws promoting peace within their nations.

“There must be proper meaningful collaboration with each Pacific nation and globally, to ensure that our domestic laws do promote peace.  Because if we are to implement any international law relating to promotion of peace, that international undertaking can only work if we have domestic peace within our own domestic boundaries.

“And so I’m calling on and asking the Pacific to collaborate with the international organisation (HWPL) to ensure the ideals that are specified in those declarations are implemented in our domestic laws first if we are to have international recognition, because it’s only through those, that we can become successful in implementing national peace initiatives in our region.”

The HWPL is an international peace under the UN ECOSOC.

The HWPL is campaigning for the DPCW which will be put to the United Nations following the Peace Tour in Sydney.

HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee, thanked the Pacific Island leaders for their participation in the Summit.

“Everyone here we desire peace, and I firmly believe it will happen.  Please keep in your heart. We need to put in all effort together to achieve peace.”

Cedric Patjole