Chamber Anticipates Lae Congestion

The Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry is advising residents to exercise caution on Friday, May 27.

A public rally is scheduled to be hosted at the Eriku Oval tomorrow for the announcement of PNG’s newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Lae MP, John Rosso.

“It will be attended by Prime Minister James Marape, Governor Ginson Saonu and DPM, and the area of Eriku and roads will be delayed and overcrowded,” highlighted LCCI president, John Byrne.

“Rosso asked for his apologies to be sent as ideally, it would have been held on a weekend but due to PMJM’s calendar, this was the only day possible.

“Police and army will be in force but so will opportunists, so businesses and schools are advised to take necessary precautions.

“A procession of vehicles will travel through Lae City and converge on Eriku Oval through the morning.

“The PMV bus services will be delayed and obstructed so staff may have some issues in returning home as the event will finish late afternoon.

“Take care, protect your people and your assets.”

Press Release