Challenges of life after sports

​One of the main challenges that athletes in any code face is how to sustain themselves financially after their sporting careers have ended.

Captain of the PNG Hunters Ase Boas says that this is a sad reality that many face.

Boas and his team mates took part in a recent financial literacy training given by Digicel PNG.

The training focused on being money smart and ways to enable simple saving measures.

Facilitated by the Digicel Learning center, the one day training which was broken up into two separate sessions for the team helped the team to be more money minded in their approach to saving and spending.

Boas said that the two part training really helped the team as individuals become more aware of their spending habits.

In the long run the Hunters Captain says that this type of training can help ensure that the participants make their money last to benefit themselves, their loved ones and families. 

Julianna Waeda