Central Province complies with new measures

Authorities in the Central Province say the province will comply with the new COVID-19 measures in place for the next four weeks.

Governor Robert Agarobe outlined a number of things listed under the new COVID-19 measures.

This includes liquor ban on weekends and the set-up of checkpoints at Bautama, 14-mile, Laloki amd Porebada.

He said these checkpoints will be manned by Central Provincial Transport Authority.

Provincial Administrator Francis Koaba said the province reported 26 positive cases, but they need data into these cases, in order to develop their COVID-19 strategy.

Meantime the Governor said the Astra-Zeneca vaccine is not compulsory.

He said, “There’s much more than what’s being reported, and facilities will not be able to cater for that.”

“Either you go to the hospital and get tested because you can afford it, or you go home and self-isolate.

The Governor says he remains committed to observing the COVID-19 prevention measures, while using home remedies to boost his immune system.

He emphasised, “Stop moving about a lot and stay at home.

“Go to the garden, get what you need, and go back home.

“Stop visiting people and stop standing around chewing betelnut,” the Central Governor stressed.

“This is the new way of life, whether you like it or not.

“Behave. Senisim pasin,” he reminded his people.

Salome Vincent