Central PPC Asi dismissed rumours of rape and killings

Central Provincial Police Commander Laimo Asi has dismissed rumoured posts on social media about the killing of six men who had raped a woman and killed her along the Hiritano Highway.

According to the post, a young girl was travelling in a bus with six men when she sent a text to the brother who was allegedly a soldier from Goldie Barracks telling him she was in a bus with six other men but she was later raped and killed by the six men.

The brother after receiving the text allegedly waited with some soldiers a turn off section of the highway but when the bus arrived, the girl was nowhere to be found.

It was alleged that the soldiers shot all six men and disposed of their body.

PPC Asi said the reports are not confirmed as there wasn’t any report made about the killing of any women along the highway.

“The rumours are not true,” he said.

Media houses have been urged to confirm first with police regarding any incidents for clarification before reporting to the public.

The Commanding officer of PNGDF's, Goldie River Training Depot has dispelled rumours of a payback killing by soldiers over the weekend.

Rumours have been circulating in NCD that soldiers from Goldie were involved in the killing of a bus driver and six others who had pack raped a woman and killed her along the Hiritano Highway at the end of last week.

The Commanding Officer Craig Solomon said he was given a name this morning, but a check at the Unit revealed that there was no soldier by that name.

He also said details of other soldiers alleged to be involved could not be confirmed.

He said he is sending his men from the Military Police to the Central Police Head Quarters to confirm the report.

Meanwhile, Central Province Police Commander Laimo Asi has expressed concern regarding the unconfirmed reports in the media, which he said is creating anxiety and fear in the community.

“These types of unconfirmed reports creates anxiety and fear in the public.

And I at all terms condemn such reporting taken up by the media," PPC Asi said.

The PPC said the media should keep close consultation and confirm with police first before releasing such reports.

NBC News also checked with the Port Moresby General Hospital Chief of Emergency and he said no bodies had been brought to their attention, as yet, for death certificate or post mortem documentation.

Doctor Sam Yockopua said this, following widespread rumours on Social media about the alleged rape and killings over the weekend.

Annette Kora