Central police anticipate rise in lawlessness

Hold ups along the Hiritano and Magi highways, unlawful behaviour from alcohol abuse and rise in criminal activities are the main issues anticipated through the Christmas period in the Central Province.

The Police operation is code named “Jingle Bell 2017-2018”.

However, despite its catchy name, it will see a zero tolerance on illegal activities, says Central Provincial Police Commander, Laimo Asi.

PPC Asi said 2017 has been a challenging year for policing in the province and come the festive season, lawlessness and illegal activities will no doubt escalate.

Asi noted that there have been a lot of internal migration from other provinces, and although this may not be seen as a major setback, it may also contribute to the change in behavioural standing of the people.

The PPC confirms that the festive operations for his personnel will commence on the 22nd of December and end on the 02nd of January, 2018.

(Central Provincial Police Commander, Laimo Asi)

Imelda Wavik