Central Governor plans to make Province a tourism hub

Central Province Governor Rufina Peter aims to develop the entertainment and music industry in Central Province, exploring approaches that can contribute to building the tourism sector for the province.

Governor Peter says an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is currently being reviewed and updated.

“As soon as that is finalized, it will be signed between myself as Governor and the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture,” said Peter.

She adds that, “Infrastructure to develop and enhance the tourism sector will be discussed separately. For now focus will be put on the music and entertainment industry in Central Province and how it can contribute to tourism.”

She is encouraging various organizations to support the Central Music Association to achieve its objectives, placing emphasis on the music festivals where not only music is showcased but also the culture and art of the Central people.

“I guarantee you Central Province will not let you down and you will get value for your investment and support.”

Loop Author