Census 2020 preparations start

The National Statistical Office has started preparations for Census 2020.

An assessment of the last census was conducted last week with stakeholders and challenges, cost and areas of improvement were identified and will be made known to the public – for the first time – in due course.

The consultation was a way of gathering feedback from stakeholders and how processes can be improved to ensure an effective census for 2020.

The review of the last census was the first since Census 1980.

“We have never released any reviews of previous census. One I can recall is the 1980 Census and the review conducted last week is the first in a long time where we came out, telling our people where and what their money was used for,” stated National Statistician Roko Koloma.

The details of the assessment will be produced next week and will coincide with the first Steering Committee meeting with the Department of National Planning.

A draft plan and recommendations from stakeholders following last week’s consultation will be presented.

“That will help us to assess ourselves and gather critique and views of the public on how we can do Census 2020 better,” added Koloma.

The way data is processed is likely to change in the coming census, where information collected will be processed in each province; hence, this process will involve the provincial and local level governments.

Carolyn Ure