CCDA continues work with stakeholders on proposals for GCF

The Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) is currently working with various stakeholders to understand the different project proposal designs to access the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

GCF was established to assist developing countries finance their mitigation and adaptation programs.

CCDA acting managing director, Ruel Yamuna, said work on accessing the GCF has been going very smoothly.

Yamuna highlighted that CCDA as the focal point for GCF in PNG, is working on reaching out to stakeholders making sure that they understand the different project proposal designs.

He said stakeholders must understand the role of CCDA as the national designated authority (NDA) so that they can get the different project proposals finalised and reviewed for GCF deliberation.

Yamuna revealed that there’s currently a challenge with the different information being required by GCF and how those requirements can be fulfilled by the different stakeholders.

“We also have the challenge of ensuring how accredited entities such as the Asia Development Bank (ADB), World Bank and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) can work with the different implementing agencies.

“That’s the focus of CCDA for the first quarter of this year, making sure that everyone has an understanding of the different elements that need to be complied with,” Yamuna said.

Yamuna added that stakeholders must also understand how CCDA can assist in the process to enable projects being reviewed, designed and finalised in the different sectors.

Quintina Naime