CC 3rd General Assembly welcome in Mingende

An extravagant traditional welcome was given by the people of Mingende Parish in the Diocese of Kundiawa, to delegates attending the 3RD General Assembly of the Catholic Church of PNG& Solomon Islands.

The General Assembly has as its theme ‘Salt and Light,’ and was facilitated by Fr Victor Roche svd, New Evangelization Secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI. It was held on Thursday 21st April 2022.

Mingende’s atmosphere was filled with much anticipation as hundreds of people from surrounding parishes both flocked in to witness the arrival of delegates for the General Assembly.

The distinguished guests included Bishops, Priests and Religious, Secretaries of the different CBC PNGSI commissions, Church Leaders and Coordinators, Lay and Chaplains, support staff, and media personnel of Catholic Communications, who came from 19-Dioceses of Papua New Guinea. 

The deep sounds of kundu drums and local bamboo flutes in harmony with the echoes of traditional welcome songs, and the resounding bellows of local tribesmen and women, and customary dances from the Goryombar Parish and other various outstations filled the atmosphere. The entire Diocese of Kundiawa was present to celebrate the Catholic Faith.

Pupils from Callan Services Simbu, presented a song and dance entitled ‘Best Place is Simbu Province.’ It created a sense of awe and appreciation among the delegates.

In his welcome remarks, Bishop of Kundiawa, Paul Sundu, emphasized the importance of the assembly’s theme of ‘Light and Salt’.  He described how during such times it was imperative to become the change we want to see in society.

“It is a privilege having every one of you here in Mingende. Collectively we have a very important task and that is to be the salt and light in our Catholic Church, our Global Human Community, and subsequently ourselves. We live in an uncertain world with constant conflict, severe climate change, global economic downturn, political instability and fear of the future for ourselves and our future generations,” Bishop Sundu said.

“It is our obligation to be a part of the healing process in ourselves, communities, church, our nation and humanity in its entirety. Our theme ‘Salt and Light’ reminds us to become beacons of hope and inspiration to others who are burdened by the troubles and challenges of this world,” he added. 

After the guest’s arrival and procession onto the St Joseph’s Grand Stand, the Parish Council Chairman Peter Par, thanked the organizers for the invitation to attend the program in Mingende. “Mingende is blessed to have prominent people rendering praise and thanks to God. It is now our responsibility to work closely with our Bishop and ensure that our guests are well taken care of and shown the hospitality they deserve,” he said.  

The six-day Assembly commenced on the 21st and will conclude on the 26th April. The General Assembly will include sharing of experiences and Synodality from the Diocesan representatives, discussing proposals, Planning and Formation of a Conference Pastoral Plan, and the constant need to build the Catholic Faith and Voice boldly out in the current social issues. 

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