Cash in Maybank robbery brought to court

Over K1.5 million cash that was recovered from the K5.9 million Maybank robbery by G4S guards in 2013 was brought to the Waigani National Court on Thursday under heavy armed escort.

The trial into the robbery continued into day eight today for the seven accused persons; Alphonse Samson, Paul Steven and Samson Banaso from the Eastern Highlands Province, Sonix Alowale of Enga, Hubert Korede and Stewart Korina of Northern Province and Gelison William of Milne Bay Province.

Louis, Steven, William, Korede and Korina were employed by G4S at the time of the alleged offense.  Samson, Alowale and Banaso were not employed by G4S.

Casper Louis of Salamua, Morobe Province last week pleaded guilty to the allegations. His case will be heard after the trial against the seven is completed.

The cash monies totalling K1, 593, 760 along with a pistol, a short gun, cartridges, and a Blue 10 seater Toyota Land cruiser were brought to court where arresting officer, Sergeant Aaron Silas who is a state witness verified.

The evidence materials were brought before presiding trial judge, Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika to be tendered into evidence.  NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut was also in court for this.

The cash monies were brought to court in a big metal patrol box, two smaller cash tin boxes and a wooden box.

The big patrol box contained six smaller bags and was apprehended from the residence of Ricky Antio at Gerehu stage 2. It had K458, 000 cash in it. Antio is currently serving his sentence at Bomana.

The wooden box was discovered in Thomas Karo’s possession. Karo is also serving his sentence at Bomana.  The other smaller tin box was taken from Casper Loius when he was apprehended in Lae.

As for the two weapons, the pistol was allegedly used by Gelison William while the shot gun is a G4S issued weapon which was allegedly used by Stewart Korina.

The trial judge inspected the boxes to verify that cash monies were actually in the boxes before indicating that orders will be made for the cash to go back into circulation.

 The trial continues in court and more witnesses will be called.


(Loop PNG picture of vehicles transporting the cash from the court house today. Picture by Kennedy Bani.)


Sally Pokiton