Candidate with 9 votes eliminated

With the completion of quality checks yesterday evening, elimination of candidates for the Moresby Northwest seat began at 11:30am today.

Current progressive scores after quality checks were: 

1. Lohia Boe Samuel 17,473 

2. Joe Tonde 7,415 

3. Dr Thaddeus Kambanei 5,712 

4. Sengol A Parkop 5,675 

5. Walter Yangomina 3,449 

6. Anna Kavanna Bais 2,923 

7. Jackson Kiakari 2,720 

First candidate eliminated with a progressive score of 9 votes was candidate Jenop Samo. 

Primary counts did not reach absolute majority of 28,851 votes.

More to come.


Marysila Kellerton