Calls to uphold quality education

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Pila Niningi spoke to media today about the quality of education in the country.

The Minister made reference to the recent court-case with IBS as an example of the upholding of the education system.

He says that his department is calling on all intuitions to follow suit and ensure that they have proper accreditation.

The Minister made references to the Higher Education General Provisions Act of 2014 which captures steps that institutions can take to ensure that they are registered and recognized.

He adds that his department maintains their stance to encourage the IBS owners to register under the act and submit itself to an external institutional audit, something which they refused to do.

Minister Niningi however added that IBS is invited as such to seek recognition within the legal framework as stipulated in the Higher education general provisions.

Meanwhile in terms of the students registered with the school, the minister says that while he sympathizes with the students, the fact still remains that the school is not certified as a university under the  act.





Julianna Waeda