Calls to revive library services

Minister for Education Nick Kuman has called for library services to be revived and archive services established in all provinces and districts.

Kuman said the Government will ensure that there is proper coordination at all levels following the recent launch of the National Library, Archives and Records Services 10 Year Strategic Plan 2016-2025.

He said writers and publishers must be connected to the Plan to ensure that the books they produce are widely circulated and read by schools and the people in the country.

The Ministry will continue to support the Office of Libraries and Archives (OLA) and its endeavors to deliver greater access to information.

The ministry will also support OLA to achieve its mission by providing easy access to information for nation building through a centralized management system.

“Through this strategic plan, we can be able to achieve, collect and store information about the history of PNG.

“There’s a lot of experience we have gained over the last 40 years but we must improve.

“The delivery of library and archives services is everybody’s business and we all have important roles to support our children’s education in this country,” Kuman said.

He encourages donor partners to continue to promote libraries in the classrooms so that students can have direct access to books.

Kuman added that he will continue to provide the political direction where it’s necessary in the sector of library and archives.

Quintina Naime