Calls to legislate chief’s council

Oro Governor, Gary Juffa, has called on the Government to put in legislation for the establishment of a chief’s council.

 Juffa said the chief’s council will represent landowners and their people so that they become equal partners in the development of their land.

He made the call in Parliament this week following the delivery of a Ministerial Statement by Land Minister, Benny Allen on the status of the Special Agriculture Businesses Leases (SABL’s).

Juffa delivered a powerful and stern message in Parliament that although PNG land has been stolen right under our very noses, nothing has been done about it.

He likened it to allowing criminals to enter you homes to do what they want and take whatever they want.

He said at the end of the day the people continued to suffer while corporations and companies profited.

Juffa urged the government to enable legislation for the creation of the chief’s’council who will have the authority to also speak and decide for itself the development aspirations.

(Loop file photo)

Cedric Patjole