Calls For An End To Violence

A number of elites from Southern Highlands Province, have cried in unison with like-minded Papua New Guineans, to end all forms of violence against women.

Lapan Mirupasi, an elder from Southern Highlands, is saying no to violence against the female populace.

Mr Mirupasi was responding to the recent alleged murder of 32-year-old Imelda Tupi Tiamanda.

Late Imelda’s death is being laid heavily on her husband, Dr Simon Temo, and two other men, who were in his company at the time the deceased was found.

Mirupasi said, “I seek all your views especially Southern Highlands men to support for a proposed protest march to stop violence against women.

“The protest march will be called “BLACK MONDAY” in remembrance of late Imelda Tupi Tiamanda.

“I strongly call on all Southern Highlands Members of Parliament, Provincial Leaders, Provincial Administration, Educated elites, Businessmen, Public service officers and men from all walks of life to rise up and say no to violence against our wives, mothers, sisters, aunties and daughters,” he said.

He said, “This low life (act) does not reflect a good image but has brought total shame to men from the province.”

He said to date, no leader from the province has come out to condemn the killing.

Over the weekend, Late Imelda’s father Tupi Tiamanda shared words of condolences sent to the family from various leaders in Highlands region.

“Ol lida man blo yumi lo kantri, Don Polye em salim condolences blong em ikam,” he said.

He also said Imelda’s death and the way she allegedly died, does paint an even worse picture of the people of Southern Highlands.

“Pasin blo kilim meri ino gutpla. Pasin blo kilim man em ino gutpla. Southern Highlands yumi gat nem nogut lo yumi kukim balus na yumi kukim kot haus na kainkain (destruction) i kam insait lo Mendi taun mekim nem blo Southern Highlands igo baragap stap na antap lo disla, wanpla man nogut em kilim meri na displa em bagarapim nem blo Southern Highlands igo antap moa olgeta.

“Displa wokim olgeta Southern Highlands sem pipia olgeta. Ino olgeta man lo Southern Highlands tokim disla man lo mekim disla, but disla kilim meri mekim na nem blo Southern Highlands igo bagarap,” he stressed.

Freddy Mou