Call to resume Parliament

Shadow Attorney General and Sinasina-Yongomugl MP, Kerenga Kua, has asked parliament Speaker Job Pomat to follow the Supreme Court ruling of 2016 and recall Parliament before May 28.

This is to deal with the Opposition’s Vote of No Confidence motion which was filed on May 7th.

Despite parliament adjourning to May 28th, the Opposition has asked the Speaker to recall parliament to deal with their Vote of No Confidence motion.

“But if you can all remember Supreme Court ruling of 2016, court ruled that a notice of motion to remove the Prime Minister is not an ordinary motion under the standing order,” clarified Kua.

“This motion is of national interest. Also it is under the constitution and not under the standing order. That’s why Parliament must resume quick and deal with that motion.”

Standing order states that once the speaker receives the motion, Private Business Committee members, to meet on each Wednesday during meetings of the Parliament, to examine all notices of motion submitted to the Committee under S.O. 130, and to determine whether the terms of the motion are of national importance. 

A motion of no confidence can be moved seven days after it goes to the PBC members.

“Such questions must be disposed of quickly, so we ask the speaker now, can he follow that judgement (of 2016) and even though they adjourned for three weeks, he must recall parliament back sooner than the three weeks than Parliament adjourned to because only he has the power.

“He has discretion to do that if he follow the Supreme Court ruling in Polye’s case.”

Meanwhile, the office of the speaker said the motion can be moved at any time so long as the mandatory seven days’ requirement is met.

“Minimum requirement is seven days on the notice paper – that’s the minimum requirement. As long as its seven days on the notice paper, it can be moved any time after that, as per the standing order,” said Acting parliamentary Counsel, Richard Whitchurch.

(Opposition MPs leaving the chamber on Tuesday)

Sally Pokiton