Call for probe into teachers’ fares

General Secretary for People’s Labour Party and former teacher, Charles Locke, is calling for an investigation into the Madang teachers’ leave fare.

Locke teachers deserve respect and must be compensated well with all their entitlements, including disadvantage, multiple class, boarding and housing allowances.

Being a former teacher, Locke said the decision made by Madang teachers not to resume classes at the start of this school year must not be taken lightly by the Provincial Administration.

“This is a chronic problem faced by teachers every year in Madang. Such issues are a result of poor financial management and incompetency.”

He is calling on relevant authorities for the sacking of the Madang Provincial Education Director and investigation into the funds allocated for leave fares.

He reiterated that those officers responsible must be investigated, charged, prosecuted and jailed.

He said teachers’ leave fares are budgeted for every year but yet, there is no money to pay for the leave fares.

He added that teachers are very special hard working public servants and the face of the Government in remote areas of the province and the country.

The Madang teachers have unanimously resolved not to begin active duties come January 28.

These include primary, high, secondary and vocational schools.

Their grievances stemmed from unpaid leave entitlements.

Freddy Mou