Call for justice following young intellects murder

​The family and friends of a young intellect have come out to demand justice for his murder last week.

The incident that took place during the early hours of Monday the 17th of September was allegedly the result of a drunken brawl.

The victim, 26 year old, Cassidy Kausik was the second among two reported deaths that occurred following the Independence celebrations.

Kausik recently graduated with a masters in Forestry, and was employed with the Forestry department – sadly in just two weeks he would have been flying to the UK to study for his PHD.

This young man was found in the drain by police officers after he was murdered - the only wound visible was at the back of his head; His clothes and belongings had been removed off him.

According to the police, officers on duty found the body of this young man in a nearby drain at the Lae Bowling club after he had been beaten; they rushed him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

One of the youngest elites to hold a masters in his respective field, Kausik had achieved a level of study in a field that has just been recently recognised.

According to his friends from Unitech – his murder has stirred up strong emotions calling for immediate justice.

They said, although the Lae police have taken on this case head on – It would be a good thing for the police to make arrests sooner or later – as the suspects are known.

Meantime, the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Anthony Wagambi junior, has responded, assuring the grieving relatives and friends that police are now on the case.

Wagambie says that investigations are taking a good turn, adding that arrests are anticipated to be made soon.

Imelda Wavik