A call to honour the Constitution

Catholic Professional Society President Paul Harricknen, called on all Papua New Guineans to recognize and honour the National Constitution.


It was the key political and legal document our founding leaders worked so hard for and upon which the nation of PNG is founded.

Harricknen made this remarks during the church mass held to commemorate the 45th Independence day at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, East Boroko, NCD.

The Constituent Assembly formally adopted the Constitution on 15 August 1975 to usher in Independence on 16 September 1975.

Many developed nations such as France, India, and the United State with written Constitution revere its importance only next to the word of God.

He remarked that PNG Constitution faced many challenges over the 45 years and has been tested time and again. But it continues to stand tall and firm through the high Courts to correct Governments of the day, leaders and people, of decisions which were not in accord with the intent and spirit of the Constitution.

Harricknen reminded his congregation that the Catholic Church, through Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, then Fr. John Momis, Meg Taylor, and Bernard Narokobi among many others behind the scene have contributed immensely in the framing of the Constitution.

In conclusion he said there is need for a renewed level of enthusiasm and zeal, which our fathers and mothers experienced at the founding of our independence both for the Church and State in PNG to generate passion and hope for our country.


Frieda Kana