Busu secondary’s growth

Discipline is the reason why Busu secondary has been ranked as one of the top 10 schools in the country.

The school’s Deputy Principal – Administration, Samba Lames, attributed this to a strict principal and an initiative that started in 2008.

Busu became a secondary school in 2006 with its first Grade 11 intakes. The school, however, was struggling academically and financially until 2016, when their new principal, George Noble, arrived.

Speaking to media after the school’s 14th Grade 12 graduation, Deputy Principal – Administration, Lames, attributed Busu’s infrastructural and academic development to Noble.

“He transferred in from Bugandi and that was when he reorganised our teachers here and put an assessment policy in place,” Lames stated.

With the new changes to guide them, Lames said they reaped results soon after in 2017 and 2018, when Busu was captured in the top 10 ranking for both its Grade 10 and 12 classes while in 2019, they were in the top 5 category.

Apart from a disciplined head of institution, another factor was the ‘One Busu - No Groupings’ initiative that was marked with the unveiling of a plaque on October 10th, 2008.

That was the starting point of Busu students renouncing illegal (cult) groups that have been instigating fights with other schools.

Lames, who was one of the teachers behind this initiative, said the monument serves as a reminder to past and present students to uphold the Busu way. And under a steady and united staff, students from Busu will continue to pass out with flying colours.

(Busu secondary principal, George Noble, handing over the science dux award to Eunice Baput)

Carmella Gware