Business houses capitalising on disaster: Leader

A community leader and former advisor to the Southern Highlands provincial disaster management office has condemned business houses and organisations for capitalising on the earthquake catastrophe.

Martin Pat, who is also a survivor of the February 26 earthquake, said certain organisations and individuals are taking advantage of this situation by asking for money for services rendered.

The concerned community leader says there are enough issues to be dealt with right now and with businesses coming up with sky high prices for proposals or services rendered is just outrageous.

Pat further supported the emergency controller’s decision to thoroughly process business offers.

The former disaster advisor noted that many villages are yet to be reached in terms of disaster relief supplies.

“Yet people are too selfish and want nothing more than to dig deeper into the pockets of the government and those who are assisting our people in Southern Highlands and Hela,” he stated.

Pat also acknowledged the government, individuals and other NGOs for the continuous efforts into helping his people.

Imelda Wavik