Bundi tribe pays compensation

The Emigari tribe of Bundi, Madang Province, gave K20,000 and five pigs as compensation to the Gegru tribe.

This ‘wari pay’ was made at 5pm on Friday, January 22nd.

The payment was demanded by the Gegru tribe on January 1st following a tribal fight that occurred on December 28th, 2020, that saw the burning down of 10 Gegru houses, including the slaughtering of several pigs.

During the ‘wari pay’ payment, the Gegrus also gave a ‘brown paper’ or ‘compensation demand’ of K150,000 with 10 pigs to the Emigari tribe to be paid by the 3rd week of June.

Yuwuno Kommit, the magistrate of the Gegru village court of Bundi LLG, accepted the compensation demand on behalf of his tribe in the presence of other magistrates and ward councilors of Upper Bundi.

During the exchange, leader of the Gegru tribe, Angia Freddy, thanked the Kumura Foundation team for stepping in to restore peace on the 29th of December in spite of the volatile situation.

The cessation of fighting and the mediation that followed was historic for Bundi. And given that the place is remote with people earning less than 1 toea per day, the community leaders of Bundi are appealing to the Bundi LLG President, David Gakana, Usino-Bundi Open MP, Jimmy Uguro, and Madang Governor, Peter Yama, to step in and assist in solving this problem.

Meanwhile, both tribes agreed that there will be no more fights and normalcy has been restored.

The event was witnessed by five major tribes of Bundi, village magistrates and councilors, and the Kumura Foundation team.

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