Bulolo show set to be bigger in 2017

The Bulolo District Show is set to be a bigger and better event come next year with more funds expected to be pumped into the annual extravaganza.

Member for Bulolo and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil told an enthuastic show goers on Saturday during the 6th annual show which was officially opened by visiting guest and Member for Goilala William Samb.

Basil told the crowd that together with the Bulolo District Authority as front runners of the event, he would see additional funds injected to the improvement of the grounds, more involvement from the various cultural performance from the six Local level governments in the district gets a fair representation.

“Respect the show as we make the show bigger in 2017 with more money so this show will be bigger and everyone enjoys,” Basil told his people.

Guest speaker, Samb and his delegation from the Goilala District Authority were graced by the honor to officiate at the event but more importantly seek help from Bulolo which is a district in the country that is seen service delivery by its Member.

“We are here to see things in Bulolo doing so we can be able to do likewise in Goilala,” Samb said.

This receive ovation from the crowd an indication of services delivered in the district by their local MP.

The visit is set to foster a mutual relationship with the two districts for development.

He said Papua New Guinea’s perception of his people were that they were rascals and murderers but he wanted that to change.

Samb added that Bulolo was fortunate to host its own district show apart from the usual provincial shows held around the country.

Solomon Island musician Shazzy was the main attraction backed up by local artists K-Dumen, king of tolai rock Leonard Kania, Squatters band and Masalai band of Lae.

Flora and fauna, art and craft were displayed in various stalls set up.

Several organisations took the time to do awareness on various social problems faced in the country.

Wendy Katusele