Buk bilong Pikinini 15th Anniversary

Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) has begun its 15th Anniversary celebrations for the children enrolled in the organisation’s Early Childhood Education Program across PNG, with events planned throughout the year.

A special event is set for 25th of November, to thank all donors and stakeholders

BbP opened its first Library Learning Centre (LLC) in 2008 on the 8th of April at the Port Moresby General Hospital, about a year after the organisation was founded by Anne-Sophie Hermann (wife of the then Australian High Commissioner to PNG – Chris Moraitis) and friend Anna Mukerjee.

BbP’s mission is to help to increase literacy rates and improve education outcomes for PNG’s children. This mission is as important today as it was 15 years ago, given the daily challenges faced by schools and teachers in their efforts to teach the children without books, literacy materials, limited training and in overcrowded classrooms.

With the support of donor partners in PNG and Australia, BbP is able to establish Library Learning Centres that feature a comprehensive Early Childhood Education (ECE) program. This has developed its own in-house teacher-training program and curriculum.



This also includes literacy and numeracy games, toys, a digital learning program as well as more than 20 readers and picture books published by the organisation.

The Early Childhood Education program is delivered free of charge to five-year-old children during a morning session every day for a year. The Library Learning Centres offer an After-School Literacy support program for school children of all ages.

BbP helps to support communities and schools to improve literacy rates and education outcomes and looks forward to sharing its milestone achievements throughout the year.

More than 20 Library Learning Centres have been established across the country since the founding of the organisation, impacting thousands of children and much remains to be done to reach far flung corners of the country.

As a 15th birthday present to itself, BbP will launch a brand-new website www.bukbilongpikinini.org – which features information about all programs, partners, projects, book donations and education resources.

This also be housing a web shop that will allow the organisation to sell published books and donate school library kits to schools across PNG.

Anne-Sophie Hermann, BbP Founder and Chairperson expressed her gratitude for the support they have received and thanked the current board of directors and all who have journeyed with them from the onset.


Carol Kidu