Building set aside for rural Kavieng police

A new rural police administrative building has been launched at the Kavieng Police Grounds.

It was an old building belonging to the Kavieng courthouse and was transferred to its current location after resident Chief Magistrate Lawrence Kangiwa gave clearance for the transfer.

He felt that the police in the province had been performing exceptionally well, basing this on the number of police cases being referred to the court.

“The building was left as an eyesore at the field near the courthouse. There were a number of organisations who were vouching for it. It took a lot of negotiating before we eventually decided to release it to the police after they had written a letter of interest,” said Magistrate Kangiwa.

Head of Rural Police, Senior Sergeant Nambulasa Silau, who spearheaded the project, expressed gratitude. He said the building would allow police officers from the rural outposts a place to file their work and do other administrative work whilst in town.

“In the past the officers would just sit outside under the trees and do their work now they have an office they can sit in and do their work,” said Sgt Silau. He thanked Drongo Limited for assisting with the refurbishment of the building.

Governor Sir Julius Chan, who was the keynote speaker at the event, conveyed that it was the responsibility of all leaders and custodians of the people’s trust, to ensure the viability of the rule of law.

“The rule of law must be felt and owned at all levels of the community throughout and the maintenance of law and order. The maintaining of law and order in communities is very much challenged by various impediments that are no different from anywhere else in the country,” said Sir J.

He commended the police for a job well done after arrests were made following a huge robbery that took place in Kavieng towards the end of 2018.

Governor Sir J then handed over two bicycles and two wheelbarrows for Kavieng, Konos and Namatanai. This is under the NIPG Subsidy program.

(Governor Sir Julius Chan with New Ireland provincial police commander, Gideon Ikumu)

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