Buai trip gone bad

Two men from Rambutso Island in Manus are recovering at the hospital in Lorengau after their boat capsized between the waters of Manus and Wewak last week.

Three men had initially travelled on a 60 horse-powered 23-footer boat from Wewak to Manus.

They left Wewak last Monday with sixty 10kg bags of betelnut however, their boat capsized, leaving them to drift at sea for three days before two of them were rescued last Friday morning.

Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said one of them was found floating on the boat by fishermen from Lou Island.

The boat operator, on the other hand, managed to swim to Paia Island, between Lou and Baluan Islands, where he was rescued.

The two rescued were 18-year-old Pouru Pochili from Liuliu village and 45-year-old Muli Anis from Popeu village, Rambutso Island.

Still missing is 30-year-old Moses Bradley from Liuliu village, Rambutso Island.

PPC Yapu is once again warning people involved in the betelnut trade from Madang, Wewak and Kavieng, to take precautionary measures due to bad weather patterns at this time.

“We have been experiencing strong wind and rough sea in Manus for the past few weeks and you should not be travelling out at open sea as it will only endanger your life.

“Your life is important,” Yapu said.

Sally Pokiton