BSP Namatanai Opened

The people of Namatanai can now have easy access to banking services after more than 20 years. A Bank South Pacific Branch has been established in the district.

Speaking during the opening of the branch in Namatanai recently, member for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt said the people of Namatanai could now expect to experience big changes in economic empowerment as more developments begin to unfold through this.

The opening of the banking facility coincides with the establishment of the Walter’s Farming Association Buying Point, which has enabled farmers to have cash to spend and meet their daily needs.

“BSP, we are happy for you making a decision to open the branch in Namantanai,” said Schnaubelt.

“We have been without a bank for over 20 years and we are grateful that we spent K2 million to establish a new branch in Namatanai.

“Thank you for putting the people’s interest first,” Schnaubelt added.

He acknowledged the support of Leon Buskens, Chairman of the Investment Promotion Authority, in ensuring that the bank was opened.

BSP Chief Executive Officer Robin Fleming also officiated at the opening of the Namatanai BSP Branch.

Fleming acknowledged Minister Schnaubelt for allocating the premises for the bank to be built.

“The BSP staff have delivered a project which has cost two million.

“The reception we received here shows how important banking services are to everyone in Namatanai.

“Thank you all for your support in being able to assist us deliver this promise to the Minister and to the people,” Fleming said.

Schnaubelt also announced that the next major development for the Namatanai district would be the reopening of the airport. Plans are underway with the two airline agencies Link PNG and Airlines PNG to open ticketing agencies in Namatanai.

Minister Schnaubelt said the ticketing rights will be given to Namatanai Advancement Limited (NAL), the business arm of the Namatanai District Development Authority.

“No need to go to Kokopo, Kavieng or Lihir to buy your tickets, you will have the services right in your district.

“The days of landing in Kavieng will soon be over as we will have direct flights from Port Moresby into Namatanai then onto Lihir and back.

“Today this is a new Namantanai and it’s a breath of fresh air. Today you should be embracing this position to support the government who is making you its priority number one,” Schnaubelt said.

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